Botswana Action Against Gender-Based Violence 

Tribal Foundation supports: Botswana Action Against Gender-Based Violence

Botswana has made significant progress in alleviating poverty and improving the general standard of living since independence. However, the twin problems of gender-based violence (GBV) and HIV/AIDS still represent a significant challenge and threat to further progress. 

The Botswana Action Against GBV project aims to tackle the root causes of these problems by empowering women and children to be economically independent through training in vocational skills and providing counselling services.  It also seeks to reduce their vulnerability to violence and HIV infection. 

The second phase of  the project is focusing on strengthening the leadership of a wider network of women’s organisations in Botswana to build upon recent legislation changes. By doing this, the women’s groups are empowered to know about their legal rights and commence the process of changing cultural acceptance of gender-based violence.