MIS has moved on, none more so than ebs

A much changed MIS for a much changed FE landscape

MIS in Further Education is now much more than simply recording and processing student data. Over the last three years, ebs, the market-leading MIS used by over 120 FE providers, has had a hugely significant makeover, giving our customers even more opportunity to thrive.

Throughout the development process we have ensured that each improvement delivers on our vision:

Driving efficiency and process improvement

Increasing engagement

Optimising learner experience

Maximising learner outcomes

ebs delivers live, easy to use, visual and personalised information into the hands of all your stakeholders, from students and apprentices, learners, tutors and teaching staff, through to Senior Management and even parents.

ebs simplifies and streamlines the management of student information, throughout the entire journey, from enquirer to engaged learner to successful alumni.

ebs provides Managers and Senior Leaders with the cross-college performance measures to help you thrive.

And crucially, ebs achieves all this in a single, integrated database giving you a single live view of performance and a more efficient way of managing your organisation.

Watch what ebs means to Central College Nottingham

(4.11.15) Malcolm Cowgill, then Principal of Central College Nottingham


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