Azorus CRM 

Creative CRM solutions for Higher Education

We recognise that our customers need to attract and enrol the right students as well as build long term and meaningful relationships. That’s why we are have partnered with Azorus CRM to provide SITS:Vision customers with an innovative and leading CRM platform and services.

Because each student’s journey is unique, higher education institutions need a means to identify the differences in students and to celebrate these differences.

The Azorus CRM platform and services help universities and colleges attract and enrol the right students while SITS:Vision acts as the central point of information on students once enrolled.

With the increases in the cost of education and vigorous competition for students, the importance of CRM for student recruitment is growing. This strategic partnership offers a solid CRM platform that seamlessly interacts with SITS:Vision functionality to provide an unrivalled solution in the sector spanning student recruitment and retention. It brings a boost in innovation, seamless integration of several CRM and information modules, two-way data exchange and a shared strategy on the student lifecycle.

These complementary solutions will also ensure a seamless experience for students from their first enquiry of an institution through to graduation. Relationships are the key to competitive differentiation within the higher education market and enhancing the ability to efficiently compete for the best students.

About Azorus

Azorus CRM




Azorus is a CRM solutions firm catering exclusively to the higher education market. With the right combination of technology and services, they are helping higher education institutions transform their recruitment and enrolment efforts.

Since 2002, Azorus has been working with a wide range of higher education institutions in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom and has shared clients with Tribal such as the University of Warwick and the University of Leicester.


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What Azorus has given us is a bespoke system—absolutely custom. Our partnership with them is all about ‘the art of the possible’—and we love that.” - Richard Harrison, Events and Enquires Manager, The University of Warwick

“We wanted to be able to offer the personalised self-service portal that a lot of organisations use in managing relationships with their customers. That’s when we decided we needed to invest in a proper CRM system.” -
Helen Pennack, Director of Marketing, The University of Leicester


Azorus CRM

Creative CRM solutions for higher education


PRESS RELEASE: Tribal and Azorus CRM announce strategic partnership

Tribal and Azorus CRM announce strategic partnership