Graduate Opportunities 

Our graduate opportunities service connects universities, students and employers more effectively to deliver improved graduate employability.
The service is delivered in partnership with and through a new component of the market leading SITS:Vision student management system called SITS:Vision Graduate Opportunities(S:V GO). S:V GO helps universities to deliver the new Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) and realise the associated graduate employability benefits.

The SV:GO technology is designed to work alongside all student management systems, not just SITS:Vision.

The key benefits of the S:V GO technology are:

  • automation of HEAR production, distribution and maintenance
  • management and quality control of non-academic achievements and university award schemes
  • minimising the administrative burden and cost of HEAR production
  • helping students to use HEAR data to improve their graduate employability

Implementing S:V GO

The S:V GO technology connects student employability profiles to student management systems in partner universities. Using secure web services, students can link their online employability profile to validated academic results and other related achievements held by their university.

Universities can define data mappings and process conditions that automate information flows and ensure the validity of published results data and manage HEAR production processes.

The associated S:V GO consultancy services will help universities consider and address the requirements of the HEAR efficiently and leverage existing investments in corporate data systems.


Our graduate opportunities service provides new ways for universities to improve the employability of their students:  

  • matching technology to support postgraduate programmes marketing
  • access to new sources of management information
  • the graduate recruitment market and employer targeting activities
  • the employability issues affecting your students
  • competitor benchmarking with other higher education institutions careers service use of psychometrics in guidance activities
  • students can practice and take psychometric assessments
  • students can access developmental feedback reports and share them with you for support
  • software and technical consultancy to securely enable electronic student transcripts

To arrange a personal demonstration of the technology or request further information please email


PRESS RELEASE: Tribal helps universities, students and recruiters to improve graduate employability

Tribal has today launched a new package of technology and services to help universities deliver the new Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) and improve their students’ employability.