A Day in the Life of a Customer Support Consultant


We are proud of the customer support service that we offer and our focus on continual improvement makes a huge difference to our customers. What you see is fast response times, helpful advice and quick resolutions that enable your business operations. That’s the highlight reel…

…but what goes on behind the scenes? How do we consistently deliver the excellent experience that our customers have come to expect? How do we make the magic happen? 

We asked one of the members of the ebs customer support team to tell us about their typical day to provide you an insight into how your support service works.

Working as a customer support consultant is a challenging and intriguing experience. I started my career with Tribal just over four months ago and have been involved in a large variety of different responsibilities and tasks, with every day being different from the last - so talking about a ‘typical day’ is a tall order! 

I see my role as being responsible for helping users – and it’s as simple as that! Well, I say ‘simple’…

My day is driven by customers. New incidents need to be responded to quickly and this means more than simply acknowledging receipt. We strive to set an expectation, clarify the details we need to help resolve the issue or, ideally, provide a resolution!

When a new incident is reported it is assigned to a consultant with the appropriate skills who will then begin an investigation. It is imperative that we fully understand the issue so that we can focus on ensuring that the resolution we seek truly addresses customer concerns and engaging effectively with the customer is the key to achieving this. This often involves:

  • Remote connection to the customer environment
  • Debugging error messages to diagnose issues and their causes
  • Issue replication
  • Collaborating with colleagues including Product, Technical and Development teams

Security is a huge concern and when dealing with data we ensure that connections and physical workstations are secure and that data is not collected unnecessarily and, where it’s required, it is safely obfuscated.

Teamwork is key and it’s great to work in such a friendly and supported environment, where sharing knowledge and time are common practice and the focus is on the customer and delivering a positive experience. There’s a great atmosphere in our UK Sheffield office and though there are pressures in terms of being reliable, safe and consistent we all help each other rise to the challenge and try to have fun while we do it!

So, there you have it, a ‘day in the life’ of a Tribal customer support consultant. The job has involved a great deal of learning, problem solving and organisation. Solving issues and answering questions raised by customers provides a refreshing challenge and makes the role varied and interesting. There is a huge sense of achievement to be gained from helping somebody overcome an issue and this leads to a great sense of pride. By working together with my colleagues and collaborating with the various teams within Tribal, I know that I can improve our customers experience with our products.

We’d love to hear about your experiences of using our support service and are always keen to engage with customers to understand how we can continue to improve.

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