A mobile app for education: Communication ideas on what to post on your mobile app

The FE sector is experiencing increasing financial difficulties, so if colleges can use technology to support delivery, aid learning and support that financial gap, it will support the FE sector as a whole. Technology and teaching are changing all the time, technology is shaping the curriculum. It's enhancing learning and changing how things happen. The teams at NESCOT College, a further and higher education college in Epsom, UK, use the app daily and three quarters of all College comms is sent via the app. We had a chat with the teams and asked them 'what sort of comms are you posting?'…

Andry Waters, the College’s Curriculum and Standards Coordinator smiled 

"My posts vary from good vibe quotes, especially round exam times, to links that help with their revision. The app is on their phones so it's so easy to use and the possibilities are endless. Students will often message on group chats, start debates, ask questions etc. Communication has massively improved. Obviously, there's time restrictions on it - students know that they can ask me questions at a weekend but know I won't reply until the Monday!"

Adam Beral, Director of Faculty, gave us a recent example of his posts, 

"I use NESCOMMS to increase motivation to students. I focus on boosting attendance and reminding students about College rules, for example, we just sent a picture of a Capybara (an animal similar to a Guinea Pig) wearing a College lanyard, to the animal studies students, reminding them to wear their lanyards at all times. Doing it in this way is a bit of fun but it grabs their attention more than a stuffy and serious email."

Ollie Reid, NESCOT's Events and Social Media Coordinator told us

"I post about our activity timetable, changes happening in College, events coming up, offers in the canteen, as well as surveys to get feedback and make sure our content is right for our students and written in a way that gets them to take action. We'll always try and engage with the students, breakdown barriers and try and keep things as light and friendly as possible to make comms as accessible as possible." 

 Tribal Engage Brochure

Zoe Brown, Head of Department for Animal Studies, explained,

"We upload all different types of media - we all have animal personas on the app - I'm Henry the Cat! It makes us seem more approachable, a student might not listen to a difficult message from me but they are more willing if Henry the Cat says it. The app helps us with a blended and reverse learning approach, we can add resources in the app and bring it into the classroom. I encourage all the teaching staff to use the app, it's such an easy tool to use and allows us all to be diverse in the resources that we use."

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