A Spotlight on Apprentices: Meet Georgia

Posted by Beth Anderson

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2023 (#NAW2023) we’ve reached out to apprentices who currently work for Tribal to understand more about their work-based learning journey.  

Meet Georgia, who is working towards her HR Support Level 3 apprenticeship whilst working in the HR team here at Tribal.

“In mid-May 2022, I began my apprenticeship for HR Support level 3 with Tribal whilst working as a Junior HR Advisor.  I can confidently say that the apprenticeship is a great experience that not only taught me about the business side of HR, but also the fundamental aspects of being an HR professional. 

After graduating from university with a degree in Law and Criminal Justice, I realised that the legal profession was not for me. Instead, I found myself drawn to the personal side of the degree, such as mediation and negotiations. I realised that HR would include all of these aspects in one profession and also provide an opportunity to learn more about business. This is why I decided to pursue an apprenticeship program, where I could learn while also gaining experience. And if I had to make the decision again, I would definitely choose to do the apprenticeship all over again.”

What advice would you give to those considering an apprenticeship?

“As an apprentice, be prepared to learn a lot and have a lot of new experiences. You are likely to have never worked in the sector before starting an apprenticeship, which means you will have a lot to learn, from soft skills to general operations, which can be overwhelming. It is also likely that you will be thrown into new opportunities in your field, which can be intimidating but will ultimately help you gain the necessary experience. However, it is critical to recognise that the apprenticeship will help you learn and expand your skills and knowledge.

My apprenticeship with Tribal has been an incredible experience that has helped me gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in the HR field. I highly recommend apprenticeships to anyone looking to gain experience while also learning in a hands-on environment.”

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