Five reasons you should be attending the Tribal Empower Conference 

You're a long-standing Tribal customer and thinking about attending the Tribal Empower Conference. But you're busy. Budgets are tight. Your manager wants return on investment. Time away from the day job can be difficult to muster … but logic is in the logician.   

Here are a few reasons why you really should book your place now … 

  • Think - implement - review! Being the best you is a constant cycle of improvement. The Tribal Empower Conference offers you over 100 different sessions and showcases, designed to inspire and empower you into thinking differently, see a new way of working, and learn what’s to come.  Take a look at the breakout sessions here and see what takes your fancy.  


  • Your personal 'brand' (i.e. your reputation) as an expert in your field means getting out into the field. There's a term coined by pragmatic marketers NIHITO - 'nothing interesting happens in the office'. So come, submerge yourself in all things tech and education. Learn, first hand, about the application of AI, predicative analytics, social collaboration, student well-being, mobile and cloud technology - and be inspired by your peers.  
  • Have your say! The best part of any concert is when the band invites the audience to sing along. If you're not at the concert, we can't hear you sing! The Tribal Empower Conference is the best way for you to have your say about the future of Tribal products, tell us your biggest achievements or problems, and share common goals for the educational landscape. We need to hear what you have to say, but don't worry, singing is optional.  
  • Organisations that stop staff attending conferences in order to save money are like people who stop a clock to save time. Developing knowledge, investing in your career, networking and being empowered will make you better at your job and your organisation more successful. Luckily the Tribal Empower Conference is accredited by the CPD Certification Service, so not only will you be working smarter, you'll have the accreditation too.  
  • Get hands on! Nowhere else would you be able to get fully interactive with our software or see all of what our products have to offer, without having to book several meetings, or commit to dedicated product demo's. Not only that but you'll get to see some of the really exciting projects in the pipeline, including our much-anticipated Tribal Edge product.  

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