Getting Apprentices back on track

There’s little doubt that the world of skills training and work has altered dramatically over the past few months. Many training providers have managed to adapt their practices and deliver apprenticeship frameworks online to great success. And as restrictions start to ease, and educators and employers alike turn their thoughts to the future, there will be a necessary re-alignment in working practice. So how do you get your Apprenticeship delivery back on track this autumn? 

Reconnect with Apprentices 

A long period of uncertainty has led in some cases to a disconnect between employers, training providers and apprentices, as each faced their own priorities in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis. Now is the time to reach out and re-establish the connections which are vital to making this work. Having the right communication tools in place is key. A safeguarded messaging system is a rapid way to reconnect with learners and to reassure them of the plans that are put in place to assure their health and safety and support their learning digitally. You can take a look at our Engage app to deliver this here. 

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Resume Recruitment  

The impact of the coronavirus crisis will continue to make itself felt in a variety of different ways – not least in the types of apprenticeship that we see the most interest in. Young people are showing a boom in interest in careers in healthcare, not least because of the positive national attention shown to the NHS during the pandemic. Visits to the Health Careers website are up 123% from 2019. And there is also more interest in practical trades such as plumbing, as they seem to offer a more certain career path in uncertain times. Capitalise on these areas of interest by ensuring you have the right vacancies to appeal. Working closely with employers is key here. Our upcoming webinar can help to you connect more closely with employers and organize the information you need to capitalize on new opportunities. You can register for the webinar here. 

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Learn From Covid-19 

Although the focus now should be on renewal and recovery, especially as learners settle back into face-to-face teaching, some of the lessons learned from coping during times of lockdown can be carried forward into learning practices.  Things like a much greater use of virtual learning environments, using the correct software to maintain student records accurately, co-ordinating apprenticeships better by working closely with partners to deliver results and improved flexibility in end-point assessments can all be used going forwards. 

Retain Flexibility In Your Delivery Methods 

With possible re-emergence's of the disease to come, one of the most important factors for apprenticeship delivery into the autumn and beyond is to retrain flexibility. This can mean hybrid models of learning and being prepared to make the digital experience work alongside a physical one. Maintaining and developing the right system and tech to support this will enable your apprenticeship delivery to have a crucial flexibility. When things like managing funding streams and accessing portfolios and assessment details are available on one integrated system at the press of a few buttons, you have the ability to adapt to shifting conditions. 

Apprenticeship delivery has had to find new ways of being resilient and continuing these as we move forward into the autumn will ensure that things get back on track. 

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