How Can Colleges Make The Most Of Online Interviews?


Shifting interviews with potential learners to the online environment is something lots of FE colleges are rapidly having to come to terms with, and Tribal customers have been discussing their plans and how they are using the tools in ebs OnTrack to make this process go smoothly.

With the right tools, conducting the whole interview process online can be easy and provide a great student experience to get their relationship with the college off to a flying start. The tools in ebs allow full support for online telephone and video interviews that comply with social distancing regulations and help to keep prospective students and college staff safe, while preparing for an influx of new students in September.

Customers have been sharing how a full suite of functionality allows them to see all the interview information they need at a glance on a single screen - from what course the learner has applied for, to the entry requirements for a particular course, any loans that are available to the student, and even scans of their GSCE results. And if you’re running Apprenticeship courses, you can also see an applicant’s employment history on this page.

The experience links neatly through to your choice of video conferencing platform – Tribal customers have spoken variously of using Google Meet, Skype or Microsoft Teams to handle video interviews linked to their software.

Most colleges are reporting that tech-savvy students, used to video chatting with their friends, are very comfortable with the online interview experience – and with a little training staff are also finding that making the switch is a worthwhile move. The goal remains the same – to deliver a seamless interview experience which supports the learner to showcase their credentials and the college to great a great, supportive impression from the word go.

Staff are especially enjoying some handy features of the ebs interface that help them to deliver online interviews, including a nifty feature that automatically scans the database and highlights any duplicate records in the system by matching names and other details. Whereas paper admin for college interviews has always been open to error - things like adding the wrong course code. These are much easier to manage online, where the course code is simply selected from a list of available options.

The Tribal customer community have also fed back how much easier it is to provide a more customised interview experience. For example, ahead of the video call, you can choose to analyse any additional needs or ehcp, and then tag in an admissions advisor if needed for additional advice and guidance. Students can benefit from a highly personalised interview and enrolment process online with the benefit of prior information. These smart systems can be responsive to make application an easier process - for example, replacing requests for parent details with information about the household for those who are 19 plus. This means the application can be tailored to the unique situation of each student without lengthening the entire process.

Having this information from application and interview stage also allows the correct learner fees to be generated and attached to a student account for online payment.

A supportive, tailored enrolment process is something every student would wish for - and which colleges with the right software solutions in place can now provide.

If you’re interested in understanding how online interviews can work better for your college, take a look at our ebs brochure, and get in touch so we can talk through your needs.