Student Support desk feedback: where do all the smiley faces go?

Posted by Aimée Sutton on September 9, 2019

Do you collect student feedback from your support desk only to wonder what to do with it? Do you celebrate the good statistics and tend to shy away from the bad?

Let’s talk about feedback for a moment.  

At Tribal, feedback is a valuable resource; one of the most effective and meaningful ways to understand our customers’ experience and how we can enhance it. Support teams in any institution are not only tasked with resolving customer issues, but also with reducing the number of issues raised overall. An important part of the process is using the feedback given to do just that!

In this post we are going to share how the feedback our customers provide impacts every part of our service delivery and also give you some tips to how you can improve your own student support using feedback.

Understanding the customer experience

As support desk professionals, we aim to please. We not only want to achieve the best outcome on the resolution of an incident, we also want to recognise the impact of how we deliver our service, and this is where feedback aids our learning.

At Tribal, our incident resolution success rates exceed 95% and while it is vital that we reach a resolution of an issue within an appropriate time scale, it’s not just this that elicits a 5-star rating. We need to consider the overall experience.

We know what really matters when it comes to our support service - communication. For our customers, the value comes from having dedicated teams that are responsive, attentive, take time to understand the detail of an issue and the impact it has on their business, as well as keeping them informed throughout.

Our Support service includes working to resolve customer issues when they occur as well as supporting customers in their day to day operations with articles and FAQ’s that provide tips, tricks and product news.

Top Tip for improving your student experience with your support desk:

Be Proactive! By being proactive you can anticipate the needs of your students and provide information that not only reduces pressure on your support desk but also creates convenience for students. For example, send your students communications with FAQ’s throughout the year, helping students to find answers to their questions. Collect and update these regularly to keep content reflective of the real questions your current students have.

Celebrating success

High scores are always impressive. Whenever the support desk at Tribal receives glowing scores, we celebrate within the team.  It’s a well-known phenomenon that recognition for our achievements drives people to perform better. In the context of Customer Support, praise for delivering excellent service motivates us to do even better next time. Feedback is vital to any customer support team, but it is also important to each individual member of your Support team.

Top Tip for celebrating success:

Celebrate your achievements! People are more engaged when they feel valued and by highlighting the impact of their contributions you will help them to feel more positive, understand the importance of their role and lead to more positive results in the future.

Where a team member has exceeded expectation, or delivered a positive experience, take the time to recognise this with an award - this could be something small but meaningful such as a certificate or mention in a publication. Intrinsic motivators such as this make a big impression. Alternatively consider presenting them with an award and gift voucher or discount for your institution’s café/shop.

And don’t forget that often the entire team produces the great result by working well together and being supportive - celebrate team achievements with a box of chocolates or doughnuts!

Continuous improvement

Feedback gives you the vital intelligence needed to make improvements to your services in future and build on your strengths. We utilise the feedback we receive to aid our learning process as we continuously strive to be better and do better for our customers.

We learn from following up with customers that have reported an experience that did not meet their expectations and taking the time to understand their perspective and how we can make meaningful improvements that are based on what they are telling us.

Top Tip for continuously improving your support desk offering:

Crave feedback! More importantly, schedule in time to review the feedback with the team regularly. Find out what customers are saying, tease out trends and use this learning to make positive changes. 

By performing the right analysis, you can identify the areas which make the most impact to your students. Maybe there’s a busy day of the week, time of the day or perhaps there’s a topic that generates more queries. Take the time to understand what you’re seeing and don’t be afraid to ask ‘why?’

And remember: It’s important to recognise areas where you might improve but also what you currently do well!

And with this last thought in mind, we relish the opportunity to engage with our customers and would love to hear from you if you have any thoughts, ideas or experiences. Have you filled in an incident survey after we have resolved an issue for you? Let us know!

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