The new ILP – Introducing engaging learning pathways

Meeting students’ expectations

Individual Learning Plans are an engaging, well-established way to give learners ownership of their journey to success. From ongoing academic and vocational targets to differentiated, individual and supportive goals, the ILP enables learners to build their learning habits and establish reflective practice. 

Tribal ILP benefits from the full learner data of ebs, Tribal’s Student Information System. As a module within the industry-leading Ontrack Learner Hub, it integrates with assessment, wellbeing and attendance modules to provide a holistic picture of a learner’s progress and performance. 

Working directly with learners, Tribal’s Innovation Team recognise that digital ILPs have until now been little more than forms, a direct translation of the original paper records. The new module revolutionises the opportunities for a pedagogy-based approach. With learner success at the heart of the project, the platform encourages meaningful targets and ongoing coaching style reviews. Intuitive and accessible, the platform’s mobile-ready pages are designed to enable confident, regular, and ambitious target-setting from all your learners. 

Key features of our new Individual Learning Plan 

  • Fully mobile-ready for learners and tutors

 With institutions across the globe using ebs and our Ontrack web platforms, we know that mobile-reactive screens enable immediate secure access to learner data. From setting targets in a workshop, to ticking off goals from the workplace, the new ILP meets learners’ needs with high-performance pages, intuitive user processes and best practice accessibility. 

Add functionality with our Engage app, providing application and enrolment, safe learner groups, teacher and tutor conversations, news, timetabling and absence reporting, all in one fully customisable app. With highly positive feedback from more than 40 institutions using ebs and Engage, build learner enthusiasm for their course and college community.  

New call-to-action

  • Maintain live data on target completion, learner engagement, and vulnerable demographics 

With tiered KPI data display and fully exportable reporting, maintain a clear overview of how effectively ILPs are being deployed across your organisation. From overall completion rates to departmental, course, and staff breakdowns, understand where support is most effective and how to engage learners. Demonstrate your feedback and target-setting mechanisms to key stakeholders through immediate, effective, actionable data, and interrogate data on important learner characteristics including prior attainment, SEND and access needs, and course type. 

  • Understand, support, and re-engage your learners 

ILP reviews support a conversational structure, with tailored answer formats and an accessible gesture-control mobile format for learners. Build powerful data on how learners feel about their course, employability, skills growth, social and cultural capital, and the college as a whole. Support assessors with repeat reviews including behaviour, safeguarding, employment, support, and future plans, all available on mobile or tablet as well as desktop views. 

Discover ebs: Tribal’s Student Information System