The top five things to look for in a Student Management System

A leading student management system will help you manage the entire student journey from enquiry and recruitment through to graduation and alumni. It should also have a high-level of flexibility and configurability to accommodate the unique requirements of different training and local regulatory requirements.

Common features of most student management software systems include functionality to support; enquiries and admissions, enrolment and fees, assessment and progression, completion and graduation, regulatory and organisational reporting and curriculum management.

Your student management system should deliver live, easy to use, visual and personalised information into the hands of all your stakeholders, from students and apprentices, learners, tutors and training staff, through to Senior Management and, where necessary, employers or parents. All in a single, integrated database giving you a single view of performance and a more efficient way of managing your RTO or Vocational institution.

But what are the five key areas that really set a student management system and RTO management software apart from "the pack", enabling RTOs to not only recruit the best students and staff but retain them as well?

In summary, we’ve outlined five key areas that will really make a difference to supporting your students and staff and in the next series we’ll delve into more details around each of these key areas. Subscribe to our blog to keep informed.

1. A fully-integrated portal can deliver live, easy to use, visual and personalised information into the hands of all your stakeholders.

2. An e-portfolio tracking system can provide greater visibility of learner progression plus a more efficient and effective way of working with all your programme stakeholders - from learners and assessors to managers and employers.

3. A secure and integrated student communication and collaboration tool can bridge the communication gap and help students feel more engaged with their learning community and staff.

4. Smart reporting should provide a single version of the truth, catering for all users across the organisation, without the fuss and without the financial outlay of a separate reporting tool.

5. Finally, but most importantly your student management system should be able to easily integrate with core systems including Finance, HR, Learning Management Systems, Student Support Systems and Learning Analytics tools.

A market leading SMS needs to be much more than a just a student administrative and management system. Your education management software should help your RTO or vocational provider to attract and retain the best students and staff, simplify and streamline the management of student information, increase engagement and collaboration, help to identify students at risk to enable early intervention, provide managers with clear dashboards and performance measures, and provide teams with the tools to operate in ever-more efficient ways.

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