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What's International Women's Day all about?

On Sunday 8 March 2020, it's International Women's Day. A day to celebrate the equality of men and women. Rewind just over 100 years and men and women were not seen to be equal. Women could not vote, get access to training, earnt less than their male equivalent and would have been laughed out of the board room. There was no room at the table for women, unless it was the kitchen table.

But thankfully, campaigners in 1908 decided to try and make a change. 15,000 women marched in New York demanding voting rights, better pay, and shorter working hours. Over the Atlantic, German activist Clara Zetkin had a revolutionary idea.

That every year, on the same day, every country should celebrate women and press for their demands. The call for equality grew louder and louder, the suffragette movement had reached its peak and over 1 million people attended the first rally for women's rights to work, vote, be trained, to hold public office and end discrimination.

In 1914, 8 March was chosen as International Women's day…and has been celebrated ever since.


'Each for Equal' in life, work and everything in between

The rise of women does not equate to the fall of men. To liberate women, you have to liberate men. If women are to be bread winners, we need to value fathers, unburden them from the entire responsibility of earning with no gendered assumptions, expectations or stigma. Earning money and caring for others aren't gender specific. Yet many businesses still economically punishing people for wanting to be parents. Many women are taking time out of their careers to care for their children, whilst men are racing for a seat at the board room table.

Women's leadership has only increased by 11% since 1995. As of 2019, the FTSE 250 boards had 20.4% of women. Only five of the FTSE 250 companies have a 50:50 split of male to females on their boards. While this is a positive trend, the progress has slowed since 2015. Tribal's executive board is slightly ahead of the statistics at 25%, but there's a way to go.

The world's best businesses celebrate equality and individualism and empower everybody, regardless of gender.  Make no mistake, equality is not a ‘men v women issue’, it's not about holding men back to push women forward. There is no place for scarcity thinking. There is room for all people, all ideas, all of us working together as humans. The more diverse your team is, the more chance of success. The more balanced business is, the better it'll be.

Equality means everyone is equal. From the apprentice starting out their studies, to the CEO. From the husband to the wife, from the parent to the child. Not better or worse, not junior or senior, but equal.

Studies show, that at the current rate, the elimination of gender inequality won't be possible until 2095.  That's 75 more years of injustice, imbalance and unconscious bias. 75 years.  Equality is not a 'female fight'. It's a fight for everyone. We all benefit from a more evolved world where decisions are not gender bias. 

Do you know the effect your words have? That each time you smile at a 'joke', equality is postponed a while longer. When you blame gender for anything, you're taking us back in time - not forward.  What you say matters. Why you laugh matters. Who you blame matters.  The Western world is better equipped to kill diseases and world threat than it is equipped to challenge stereotype and manage the mind.  We all need more helpful ways of looking at the world so we don’t have limited thoughts.

The Edit, Women in Tech Special


Empowering women, empowering the world

For more than 20 years, Tribal has empowered women working in the male dominated field of tech.

Women have led some of Tribal's largest and most innovative projects aimed building a brighter future for everyone studying and working in education.

Women that are:

  • fighting to help keep college students connected in an ever-isolated world
  • building system security that's near-on impossible to attack
  • designing the next generation of student information systems
  • pushing boundaries, to design innovative ways of speeding up administrative tasks, making the ordinary extraordinary
  • making it possible for educators to help everyone to succeed
  • Allowing universities to fight for student attention in a crowded globally mobile student economy
  • helping schools to get children excited about their learning
  • empowering the world of education
    … Women that are bringing the world closer together.

What's more, we're proud that two of our customers, The University of Sheffield and Nottingham Trent University are official partners of IWD.

 When you champion the women forging innovation through technology… magic happens.


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