The Future of Apprenticeships - In conversation with UCAS, Sheffield Hallam University and UVAC

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Date: Thursday 19 May
Time: 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM

Let's talk apprenticeships. Tribal is delighted to host an informal interview with special guests from UCAS, Sheffield Hallam University and UVAC to discuss the changing apprenticeship landscape and reflect on the future of apprenticeships.


Join us for a conversation around: 

  • The possible impact of T Levels and traineeships on demand for apprenticeships
  • The potential impact of the Lifelong Learning entitlement on apprenticeship recruitment numbers
  • The government calls for colleges to deliver more apprenticeships. How will that impact HEIs if they take up the challenge; will it prime the pump for progressing learners or compete with their offer?
  • The impact of the Skills and Post-16 Education Bill on degree apprenticeships 
  • UCAS’s vision of apprenticeship application through their service

Meet the panel 

  • Daniel Lally, Director of Skills and Partnerships at Sheffield Hallam University
  • Lindsay Conroy, Apprenticeship Programme Lead at UCAS
  • Emily Cochrane,  Associate at University Vocational Awards Council (UVAC) 
  • Carla Martinho, Head of Data Management Services at Tribal

Have a question?

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