Delivering great student experience digitally

We are living through an unprecedented time which is impacting every single thing about our way of life. As individuals and educational institutions, we are trying to react quickly and wisely to respond to changing times. Whether you’re about to start operating on campus, or are looking at delivering more remotely, Tribal’s technology solutions can support your business processes and your engagement with students, now and into the future. Here, we look at some topics which can help you to deliver the very best to your students.


Take Control Of Your Student Communications
Tribal is able to offer a rapid version of Engage, the app that is branded to your college requirements, that safely and instantly connects staff and students. Learn how you could be up and running in just a few weeks with a solution that offers safeguarded communications, bespoke page creations, and secure direct messaging.
The Power of Data Visualisation – using ebs Business Intelligence to power decision making
Could your business be making more informed decisions with data? In this session, Tribal experts demonstrate how you can give your staff access to unique dashboards with real-time views across the business and KPI reporting, monitor applications, enrolments, attendance, space usage and more, get a full view of performance anytime, anywhere.
Supporting Your Learner Applications Digitally During Covid 19
Making the move to digital application and interview processes is a smart move throughout the pandemic – and beyond. Tribal’s tools can support you by developing a customised online application process for your college, offering digital authentication processes, a dedicated online interview area, abilities to make an offer or signpost to other courses, referrals to exam support and bursaries and store all your documents digitally, to make the student and staff experience seamless.