Class Measures: improving quality in the Kent School District in Washington State US

Last updated: 23/10/2017

The Class Measures/Tribal Education Quality Assurance Solutions (QAS) team is delighted to be working with the Kent School District to implement a program of Quality Review, Action Planning and Instructional Rounds Training.


Class Measures’ trainers and facilitators have provided a range of school evaluation solutions across the US for several years and have considerable experience and expertise gained from many different contexts.


Kent is Washington’s fourth largest public school district with nearly 28,000 students and staff working in forty one different schools. Class Measures consultants have implemented quality review programs across six Kent schools so that leaders have a clearer understanding of approaches and strategies that are working well and need to be built upon, and those that should be either adapted or discontinued. This has now been followed up with a day of Action Planning for each of the schools so that leaders have a clear understanding of what the next steps should be.


Class Measures have also developed and implemented a program of Instructional Rounds for school leaders and staff at a further eight schools so that school leaders have a clear understanding of the quality of learning taking place in each classroom and can provide teachers with developmental feedback that can improve their professional practice.


“We chose Tribal because they understand how to balance our need for improved student results with customized instructional support. Tribal consultants challenge teachers and principals to rethink their assumptions and motivate them to take on high impact, strategic school and classroom reforms. Our students are the beneficiaries.”

Dr. MAK Mitchell, Chief Academic Officer
Kent School District

These three programs have been so effective, that the Class Measures team has been invited back for a further three days at the end of January 2017.


Speaking on behalf Tribal Group and Class Measures, Tim Boyce, Vice President of Business Development said:
“We look forward to building upon the strong working relationship we have already developed with the Kent School District through participation in this project and feel sure that this will lead to future partnerships that benefit student learning.”


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