Global Education Market Survey – The Results

Last updated: 16/02/2018

Early in 2017 we launched our ‘Global Education Market Survey’. Over 300 people responded from over 200 institutions around the world and we gathered some valuable insights. You can read about the results here.

That survey really helped us to explore current trends and understand further the challenges facing all those that work in the education sector. However, a lot happened during 2017 so as we came to the end of the year we really wanted to know if things had changed or stayed the same, and to see as we begin 2018, what the market felt the real challenges and issues people working in education will face.

The results

Over 380 people from over 290 institutions around the world responded to our latest survey. It has generated some interesting results that show many of the challenges and issues felt during 2017 will continue during 2018. This will not only bring about a change in education, but also bring about a change in the way we think about delivering education, how we ensure quality and stay compliant, and how we can continue to not just match, but exceed student expectations.

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