i-graduate survey shows international student satisfaction rates at an all-time high

Last updated: 10/07/2018

International insight brand i-graduate (part of the Tribal Group), conducted its ‘International Student Survey’ recently. Completed by more than 50,000 students, the research showed that international students are happy as well as plentiful – with 88% of students rating as satisfied or very satisfied with their experience.

The survey, which has been conducted every two years since 2010, has revealed that student satisfaction has climbed by two percent since the survey began.

Kevin Brett of iGraduate said

We’re receiving information from critical friends. These are students who are carrying the brand of the college with them through life. They’re very interested to see the success of the organisation, so they are offering feedback.

The survey has gained the attention of The Australian newspaper – read their thoughts on the data here.

Learn more about i-graduate here www.i-graduate.org