Learning from Data by Jon Baldwin, Higher Education Managing Director

Last updated: 23/10/2017

CIO New Zealand has featured an article by Tribal's Higher Education (HE) Managing Director Jon Baldwin.


In the article "Learning from data" Jon discusses the burning question for many institutions as a new academic year dawns: How can universities make engagement more meaningful and improve student outcomes?


Drawing from discussions with educators from around the region at the recent HE Fest hosted by Tribal Group, Jon explores solutions to this trying time for HE providers, with the compelling case for how learner analytics can improve student’s outcomes.

The University of Wolverhampton in the UK partnered with Tribal Group to develop Student Insight, the learning analytics platform to optimise student performance and outcomes. The software uses a predictive model to predict student academic success, with an accuracy of 70 percent.


He writes:

"Intervention strategies with struggling students could be extremely important for institutions: if you are identified as at risk but left alone you are not only considerably more likely to fail but your result is likely to be much worse too."


Jon also highlights Tribal Group's work alongside 50 institutions and multiple suppliers with JISC, the higher further education and skills sectors’ not-for-profit organisation for digital services and solutions. The effective learning analytics project is one of the largest consortium projects of its kind currently running.


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