Not just for FE! Brentwood High School Community College adopts Tribal’s ebs MIS system

Last updated: 23/10/2017

Brentwood High School Community College is the latest UK School to be providing post 16 further education (FE), and also the latest provider to select ebs as its management information system (MIS).

With more and more schools recently taking on FE courses, ebs lite, became a natural choice to those institutions looking for a more flexible model to student management and funding.

Brentwood High School Community College supply education to learners with special needs and looks to develop and nurture high achieving, enterprising and articulate individuals who have the academic and social skills, integrity and commitment to lead the next generation.

After a detailed fact-finding mission, the ebs product was selected as being the product most suited to the school’s needs and most appropriate to manage their FE requirements.

Marie Finney, Business Manager at Brentwood High School Community College, said

“ebs is exactly what we were looking for and it was within our budget. We have ten students at the college currently but it is a growing market as mainstream colleges are dropping entry level 1 qualifications. The flexibility that ebs can offer is paramount in this regard.”

James Cooke, Business Development Manager at Tribal said

“We’re thrilled that more and more schools are looking to provide further education routes and are seeing the benefit of ebs. Essentially the school needed a system to manage its Individual Learner Records and to support with funding. Ebs is flexible and scalable to suit differing needs, from schools, to further and higher education.”