Nottingham College selects Tribal as its technology partner

Last updated: 10/11/2017

The newly created Nottingham College, set to be one of the largest colleges in the UK, has selected Tribal as its technology partner for their immediate transition.

Nottingham College expects to employ over 1,500 staff supporting up to 40,000 students and sought a technology partner capable of delivering a common technical environment so that staff and students accessing the system would have a common experience regardless of which campus they are in, from day one.

The college’s vision of ‘one college, one experience’ matched Tribal’s own vision of providing educational establishments with a single, cohesive view of their organisation. Our holistic approach to student management also corresponded with the Senior Leadership Team’s priorities around enhancing student engagement, retention and success.

Chief Executive, John van de Laarschot, sees the merger as presenting a unique opportunity to bring students and employers into a single, dynamic learning environment. John’s vision of creating a very different kind of college drew him to Tribal for a number of reasons.

“Nottingham College faces a unique opportunity. We wanted a technology partner with the completeness of vision to help us with the radical transformation of post-16 education in Nottingham, and the ability to execute a complex plan within our timescales.”

He continued,

“Tribal’s integrated technology suite will not only help us instil a sense of ‘one college’ with a harmonised staff and student experience, but will also enable us to deliver the level of student experience, engagement and outcomes to help us achieve our ultimate ambition of creating one of the best colleges in the country.”

Mark Wilson, Managing Director at Tribal, echoed John’s sentiments,

“We’re excited and very proud to be working with such a prestigious new college. It is a unique opportunity for Nottingham College and through our partnership with the college, we’re extremely committed to seeing that opportunity realised. I very much look forward to the development of the partnership.”

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