Sussex Downs College plans to harness the power of their data through Business Intelligence

Last updated: 22/01/2018

Sussex Downs College is one of the largest FE providers in the UK, and has been a customer of Tribal since 1997. The college is located in East Sussex; providing high quality education and training for almost half of the county’s young people.

Their diverse curriculum ensures that there are education and training pathways for a wide variety of learners, employees and communities. They have strong relationships with over 1000 local employers, other educational providers and a range of voluntary and community partners. The college holds the Matrix Standard for the high quality of information, advice and guidance.

Sussex Downs College were using a limited data collection, management and reporting system that was time consuming and couldn’t be easily filtered, which was an inefficient use of their managers’ time. Their data was spread out over a variety of systems and needed to be integrated to be easily and accurately interpreted.

Speaking about Business Intelligence, Janet Hawkins, Information Systems Programmer at Sussex Downs College said

“We wanted to find a system that could easily allow us to analyse our data to aid our decision making processes. A system that would be quick and easy to set up and that could easily pull together data from a range of sources, including our ebs management information system (MIS).”

Tribal Account Manager Mike Plackett said

“Sussex Downs College were looking for a solution that would easily integrate with ebs that would save time and allow their educators to maximise the potential of their data. Business Intelligence (BI) made to measure software solution was the right fit”

Sussex Downs College plan to implement the Tribal BI Module, BI has grown substantially since 2015, it is now used by over 25 FE providers, with over 4000 users.

“Using BI means that we can make complex data from different sources meaningful and easily filtered. We will be able to use this as an integrated tool with our ebs student management system, saving valuable time and resources”

said Janet Hawkins, Information Systems Programmer at Sussex Downs College

Tribal Account Manager, Mike Plackett said

“Sussex Downs College has been a valued customer of Tribal for 20 years, we are delighted to be continuing to provide them with software solutions to enhance their student management and drive success.”

Tribal Technical Business Consultant Paul Allen said

“BI will allow Sussex Downs College to fully exploit the power of their data, which can be analysed right down to individual students. The Dashboard provides the ability to quickly create visual data representations which can then be targeted to individual users and departments. We will continue to add to the BI module bringing in Mapping, Analytics as well as new dashboards available for customers that complement EBS modules such as Support fund, Curriculum planner to name a few."