Synergy EIS achieves accreditation as a Child Protection – Information System product

Last updated: 10/07/2018

We are pleased to announce that Tribal’s Synergy EIS is a fully accredited Child Protection – Information System (CP-IS) product. Developed by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), CP-IS an NHS England sponsored project designed to deliver a higher level of protection to those children who are subject to a Child Protection Plan (CPP), Looked After Children (LAC) and any pregnant woman whose unborn child has a pre-birth protection plan.

CP-IS is a secure information sharing solution which connects local authorities’ child protection social care IT systems with the healthcare systems of the NHS. It is designed to provide health professionals with access to key social care information that can help them to assess whether a child is at risk, and will also ensure that the local authority has the full picture of a child’s healthcare history.

As stated by the HSCIC, “serious case reviews have demonstrated that children living in abusive and neglectful home environments are more likely to be moved across different local authority boundaries, yet most child protection information is only held and shared locally in the area where the child lives”. CP-IS allows local authorities to monitor those with a CPP or are LAC and identify causes for concern including capturing the movement of children across LA boundaries.

Synergy EIS facilitates this information sharing by offering fully automated uploads of children who are subject to a CPP or are LAC, providing a full summary of uploads performed, and allowing easy management of any records that require attention. The Access to Service notifications supplied by healthcare workers via CP-IS are also fully automated and update the ‘running record’ – Synergy EIS’ at-a-glance overview of all case activity – providing social workers with awareness of situations where the children/young people are accessed/seen in an unscheduled health setting. This key information is automatically added to the full history that Synergy EIS builds, and is securely available to all relevant parties involved in a child’s care, allowing areas of risk to be spotted early.

More information on the CP-IS can be found at