The Australian: Tribal finds Geelong a satellite city with tech potential

Last updated: 09/07/2018

Australia’s leading national news brand, The Australian, published an article with Nick Stanley, Asia Pacific Managing Director of Tribal, to mark the opening of the new Tribal North Geelong office.

Tribal is investing $1.17m in the new Geelong HQ, creating 50 jobs and securing 100 existing jobs. The move will help secure a $25 million development program to build a new Tribal cloud-hosted platform.

“It is a powerful thing for us — we can support start-ups and grow a business in a great location”

says Nick Stanley.

“Geelong is establishing itself as a strong competitor to Sydney and Melbourne as an innovation destination,” Stanley says. “Globally there are a bunch of different lifestyle destinations emerging as start-up precincts. That is one of the great things we have in Geelong.

“We had our global CEO here two weeks ago for the week. He loves the place. We have a bit of a track record at Tribal in ¬supporting regional destinations…so it wasn’t a hard sell to him. Geelong has been a bit of a well-kept secret as a start-up destination and an innovation destination but it really is emerging“

continues Nick.

The article is available to read in full for subscribers to The Australian.