The Natural Choice: Ioda chooses Maytas and e-track

Last updated: 20/10/2017

Ioda is a private training provider working with the public, private and voluntary sectors across the UK. It specialises in training courses centred around leadership and management development, personal effectiveness and equality and diversity.

Upon gaining RoATP approval in March 2017, loda needed a specialist learner management system to help manage their learner data and funding. They also needed an e-portfolio that would allow assessors, learners, verifiers and employers to monitor and participate-in tracking learner progress online. After exploring the marketplace, Ioda found that Tribal’s Maytas learner management system with e-track integrated ePortfolio, was the natural choice.

The dedicated team at Ioda is focused on customer service. As a business, their ingrained values mean they are always looking for a better way to serve their learners and never over promise but always over deliver. They needed a solution that would support their values and vision as a company. They also wanted a system that was easy to use, with everything in one place; and with a comprehensive, accurate and live reporting suite.

Sally Dale, Director at Ioda said:

“We are independently spirited and do things differently; so we needed a solution that could manage our learners not only from a technical perspective but also one that could help us with the learners’ journey – so we could offer them more – every step of the way.”

Maytas and e-track Account Director, Jason Greig added:

“We’re really looking forward to working with Ioda. Their business model makes them unique. They aim to put principles over profit and really believe in the integrity of learning. We know Maytas and e-track will fit their business perfectly.”