“Today’s world is supported by technology like e-track”

Last updated: 20/10/2017

Tribal has been supporting the Freight Transport Association (FTA), to provide world-class training to their learners through the market leading ePorfolio e-track.

The FTA, a member association representing companies in the logistics and transport industry, chose Tribal as their trusted ePorfolio provider in 2016. In the last year, Tribal has helped revitalise their learning processes and increase pass rates, helping improve their learners understanding of difficult course content, even before they set foot in a classroom.

Qualifications and Development Officer, Beth Rhodes said:
“e-track is growing all of the time and I really like the communities section...I think that today’s world is supported by that kind of technology.”

We paid the team at Freight Transport Association a visit to find out how together, Tribal and the FTA are empowering learners:

General Manager of Training, Keith Gray said:
“We are really interested in (training) better transport managers, because better transport managers run safer more efficient fleets, and that’s better for our members and for the wider industry.”