Tribal awarded contract to continue inspecting European Schools

Last updated: 10/11/2017

Tribal Group's Quality Assurance Solutions (QAS) business has been awarded a contract worth up to £0.264 million to continue inspecting European Schools for the next two years, on behalf of the UK's Department for Education.


European Schools provide a free multilingual education for the children of employees working in EU institutions. From September 2017, there will be 13 such schools across the European Union, teaching around 26,000 pupils between the age of 4-18, with an emphasis on languages. At age 18, students take the European Baccalaureate, a bilingual qualification accepted by universities across the member states.


The UK has a legal obligation to second teachers to work in the European Schools and to undertake an assessment of their work through the deployment of two national inspectors.


Tribal has been contracted to evaluate teaching in the European Schools since 2012 and, under this new contract, will provide two national inspectors, one for nursery/primary and one for secondary, to represent UK interests until August 2019.


Janet Tomlinson, Managing Director of Tribal QAS said:


"We are thrilled to be continuing our work with the Department for Education. Our inspectors will provide assurance over the quality of teaching in the European Schools and will advise the European Schools system on the curriculum and pedagogical matters."


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