Tribal Foundation funds teaching resources for Syrian refugee camp

Last updated: 09/07/2018

The Tribal Foundation has recently funded the supply of teaching resources, alongside resources to help set up an indoor classroom, to a Syrian refugee camp in Greece.

Richard Boswell, a Tribal Consultant approached the Tribal Foundation to request for funding, as there was a pressing need for educational resources to support language learning in the camp.

Richard said:

“As an educational consultant working with Tribal in the Middle East, I approached the Tribal Foundation regarding a charitable donation for Syrian refugees. Since the summer, my twenty-six-year old daughter Millie and her husband Dan have been working as volunteers at a refugee camp in Greece.

It is a small camp, on the west coast of Greece. Almost all of the 300 refugees have arrived after a perilous journey from Syria and 140 of them are children, from toddlers to teenagers. There are no non-governmental organisations at the camp. A little money comes from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), less from the Greek government. The refugees are housed in a deserted holiday camp, but it's no holiday. The deckchairs have been burnt for firewood and conditions are very basic. There is more than one family (nine or 10 people) per bungalow (one bedroom, one bathroom, one kitchen). Roofs leak, there is no heating on cold winter nights and food supplies are poor.

I asked the Tribal Foundation if the company could help Millie and Dan, to support the improvement of the refugees’ education. The Tribal Foundation has funded the supply of teaching resources as a charitable donation. This generous response is very appropriate given that Tribal’s work is focused on empowering education to improve people’s lives.”

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