Tribal Group Awarded Contract with English Language Partners New Zealand

Last updated: 10/07/2018

The Tribal group has been successfully awarded the contract for English Language Partners New Zealand (ELPNZ) Student Management System. This comes after ELPNZ went to market with a ministry RFP to replace their existing SMS. The solution - Tribal’s market leading Student Management System.  
English Language Partners are a well-regarded and successful PTE of about 15 staff in the National Office based in Wellington, and 22 centres across NZ.
  Their mission is to provide English language skills, a variety of programmes and activities and social support for effective resettlement of refugees and migrants in Aotearoa (New Zealand).  
Their previous SMS, an access database, needed replacement in order to create greater efficiencies by linking more effectively with external support and compliance tools. The change was prompted by the need for some web-based applications, reduced support for access, and their recent move into delivering 
L1 and 2 SAC funded programmes.

After answering to the RFP, Tribal Group were selected from a shortlist.   
Trust and long-term partnerships were key factors in their decision and they were looking for a long-term vendor partnership model where they would feel supported.  

Nicola Sutton Chief Executive, ELP said:

“We are excited by the possibilities for more efficient and effective management of data in the SMS solution. We see real possibilities for streamlining processes and reporting a wide range of data to help us improve our business. The team at Tribal have been really open to understanding our business. We enjoy their collaborative approach.” 

Leah Penny,
Regional Business Development Manager, Tribal said:

“Tribal are excited to be able to partner and support English Language Partners New Zealand (ELPNZ) in their mission.  Tribal’s student management solution is functionally rich and supports the needs of English Language delivery.  We look forward to assisting ELPNZ improve internal processes and realise the benefits of our student centric solution”  

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