Tribal to give a presentation on the evolving HE landscape at today’s EducationInvestor conference

Last updated: 23/10/2017

Tribal will be presenting at EducationInvestor’s conference on ‘Private Equity in Education’ (UK & Europe), which takes place today in central London.

Chris Davies, Director of Transformational Change for Tribal, will give a presentation on the evolving HE landscape, exploring sector trends and the technology and solutions that Tribal is providing to its customers.

The audience will be made up of investors, education providers, advisors, consultants and private equity firms and the event will focus on Europe and the current technical, political and commercial risks and opportunities involved in investing in education.

Chris leads Tribal’s work with universities to drive organisational change through use of new technology and is interested in how organisational culture contributes to positive educational outcomes and student experience. Prior to joining Tribal, Chris led transformation programmes in sectors as diverse as policing, high-tech manufacturing, and health.