Tribal's Managing Director of Quality Assurance Solutions meets with British Columbia Premier

Last updated: 09/07/2018

Tribal’s Managing Director of Quality Assurance Solutions, Janet Tomlinson had the pleasure of meeting with British Columbia Premier Christy Clark at Canada House in London.

Ms Clark was visiting the UK as British Columbia are keen to attract businesses and was very positive about encouraging British companies, especially post-Brexit.

The BC Premier discussed plans for economic development in British Columbia, and shared her thoughts on how technology can shape the future of education.

The Premier discussed education as core to the long term economic vision for British Columbia, by ensuring that young people are trained in the skills that business will need. This includes the use of IT to make educational processes more efficient and she also commented on the importance of early years in terms of preventing failure later on, especially for children who have special needs.  

We are very excited to hear the plans for education in British Columbia and the opportunities for UK companies to be involved.