Tribal’s SchoolEdge wins new contract with Islamic College of Melbourne


Tribal Group is set to help the Islamic College of Melbourne (ICOM) transition to Tribal’s SchoolEdge from our long-standing product, SAS2000, following the award of a contract in December 2017 to provide the school with a next generation student management system (SMS) which includes our newly released finance modules.

ICOM will now be able to utilise the enhanced features of a web enabled SMS, complimented with an integrated finance solution designed specifically for schools. The transition will benefit ICOM by increasing the operational efficiencies of their school community, such as the ability for parents to begin the enrolment process of their child online.

Over the next few months the ICOM will work closely with Tribal’s Professional Services team to begin going through a range of key implementation activities including installation, system analysis and staff training.

Daniel Hibbert, APAC General Manager of Schools for Tribal said the following on the announcement, “Tribal are delighted to see that Islamic College of Melbourne have committed to extending a long-term relationship with Tribal in transitioning to SchoolEdge modules and acquiring new modules at the same time. With ICOM now into its eighth year of operation, Tribal’s solutions have been utilised by the school and the SchoolEdge transition with newly available modules will help deliver the best solutions and services as the school continues to grow.

We look forward to working closely together over the next few months to ensure a smooth implementation and transition for the Islamic College of Melbourne to SchoolEdge.”

Dr Abdul Kamareddine, Principal, ICOM said the following, “We’re pleased with our decision to transition to SchoolEdge. Having a solution that helps our school efficiently manage the entire student journey from enquiry through to alumni will allow our staff to focus more time on our students. A school of our size demands an efficient and reliable student management system and we believe we’ve found that with Tribal’s SchoolEdge.”

About Islamic College of Melbourne

The Islamic College of Melbourne (ICOM) was registered on the 1st of February 2011. The school opened its doors for the first lot of students on the 7th of February 2011.

At present, the school caters for over 1,100 students and has 110 staff members, ranging from teachers, support staff and administration.The Islamic College of Melbourne is a co-educational institute which is currently offering Foundation to Year 12.

Students are provided with opportunities to develop skills that will carry them beyond their school years. They offer excellence in Quran instruction, modern curriculum in relation to the secular subjects, hands on and practical approach to all the subjects, including the extracurricular activities. The curriculum is diverse, and is taught by experienced and highly qualified teachers.

About Tribal SchoolEdge

Tribal’s SchoolEdge solution covers your full administration and management needs; helping your school to efficiently manage the entire student journey from enquiry through to alumni. SchoolEdge provides the flexibility to select software modules and services you need today with the convenience of easily integrating new modules tomorrow.

Staff, students and parents can access SchoolEdge at their convenience, anywhere, anytime, using web-based portals and mobile apps.

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