Wiltshire Council acquires Maytas

Last updated: 05/11/2018

Wiltshire Council is the latest Adult Community Learning (ACL) provider to acquire the UKs market leading learner management solution, Maytas.                                      

At the start of the year, Wiltshire Council was looking to the market for a solution to meet their needs. Being a smaller, grant funded ACL provider, it was important that the system they adopted would be financially cost effective, the last thing they wanted was to pay for functionality that they simply wouldn’t use.  

Rowena Prentice, from Wiltshire Council, said; “Tribal understood that we want to provide training opportunities that develop life-long knowledge, skills, confidence and capabilities within our community. We don’t have the technical capacities to host and support a system ourselves, so the fact Tribal could take this headache away for us, whilst providing us with the functionality we needed, was a deciding factor for us.”  

Tribal Account Director, Mike Plackett said; “When the team at Wiltshire Council explained their needs to us, we knew we’d be able to help. They wanted to be able to submit an Individual Learner Record, mark registers on line, upload course modules, generate reports and design their own screens within the database – but didn’t need a big system which they would only use part of. Maytas was the  perfect choice for them.”

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