World Teachers Day 2018

Last updated: 05/10/2018

To celebrate this year's World Teachers Day on  October 5, we have compiled some Tribal staff stories, recounting tales of exceptional and memorable teachers our staff have met on their education journey. To see what else we are doing to celebrate today, you can follow us on Twitter @tribalgroup.  


Andy Bonsell 

Benchmarking Consultant 

Douglas Smart, 1970s! Alderman Newton Grammar School,Head of maths,strict as he could be. Canes, slippers, detentions, you name it, but he was the best teacher I ever had for 5 years. All 30 of us walked O-level maths - flew and captained a Lancaster bomber during the war at 19! He passed away many years ago now but I still smile with fear. I am thankful there was no such thing as phones with cameras.


Hannah Muckersie 

Marketing Executive 

I was lucky enough to be taught for two years throughout primary school by a wonderful teacher, Mrs Allan. She studied art at university and was a painter alongside being a teacher, which fascinated me as we mostly never found out anything personal about our teachers. She would have us transform her classroom based on the topic we were learning about that term, I remember painting leaves and animals and hanging tissue paper from the ceiling to recreate the rainforest. As a child I struggled with maths, but she brought creativity and fun to maths lessons - I didn’t think that was possible! She encouraged me to nurture my own creativity and passion for art and design, which spurred me on to specialise in artistic subjects in secondary education and eventually university. I never got that feeling of dread going to school, as you knew as a teacher she was kind, calm and fun – I have nothing but brilliant memories of being her student.


Evgenia Ntovinou 

Business Support Administrator

I would like to start my story by saying that one word comes to my mind when thinking about a teacher/professor, ‘’LOVE’’, love for what they do. We sometimes believe that being a teacher/professor is an easy job but there was one professor for me who made me understand that it is love and passion for what they do that makes an educator stand out.  

All my life I disliked math, even though my father is a maths professor (oh the irony!). The reason behind that feeling was that all my teachers in elementary school, junior high and high school, pardon my language, sucked! Or at least that’s what I thought! But enough about them, my favourite of them all, was a maths professor in university. Going into university I had a mandatory class of statistics and I thought to myself: ‘’Oh no how am I going to get through this, I just need to pass bare minimum grade’’. The class had 50 students in the first class and then we were 10. And then he started teaching! The amount of effort he put into his teaching, the passion he had for what he was doing, the real interest he had to teach us with the simplest words, was so admirable. His class was always at 8am, which didn’t help with my student plans, which meant I had to wake up at 6:30 am, but I never missed a class! I was actually looking forward to it! I still remember his routine, he was in class before us, with his chocolate milk (I thought it was funny in the beginning but then got so used to it that I was looking for it!), started class at 8am sharp, he would stay after class to answer questions, he was THERE for us. He genuinely wanted us to learn and love statistics, not just pass his class. He used the simplest words to explain what seemed to be difficult.  

The result of his teaching was all 10 of us getting the highest grade and choosing his other statistics class as well and acing it too! When I heard about World Teacher’s Day I instantly thought about this professor (sorry Dad!) because I admired him and his passion to teach in a time that most professors just wanted to get it over with. I have had plenty of teachers and professors through my student years, but he showed me what it takes to be a ‘’great’’ educator.  

To my maths professor, thank you!