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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the National Tutoring Programme?   

The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) is a government initiative rolled out in 2020 in response to falling educational attainment post-pandemic, particularly amongst students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The National Tutoring Programme benefits pupils on an individual level and schools, along with the participating Tuition Partners. To date, the National Tutoring Programme has facilitated over three million course starts since it started. 

The NTP facilitates subsidised, high-quality tutoring for students through three main pathways: tuition partners (for which Tribal is the quality assurance partner), school-led tutoring and academic mentors.  

Tribal was appointed by the Department for Education (DfE) as an NTP delivery partner in 2022 to quality assure all NTP Tuition Partners. The DfE’s other two delivery partners are Education Development Trust, which oversees the training of school-based tutors and academic mentors, and Cognition Education, which recruits and deploys academic mentors to schools. 

What is a Tuition Partner?   

'Tuition Partner' is the name for organisations who have been approved to deliver tutoring as part of the National Tutoring Programme. Whilst Tuition Partners range in size, type of organisation, location and delivery style, participating in our Quality Assurance process ensures a consistent high-quality tutoring provision for pupils nationwide. 

What is the funding for the 2023-2024 academic year?  

Full guidance on funding arrangements for the 2023-2024 academic year can be found here

How many Tuition Partners are registered?   

You can view the full list of approved NTP Tuition Partners on the DfE's Find a Tuition Partner service.   

Eligibility Requirements and Application 

What are the requirements to participate in the National Tutoring Programme?   

Everything you will require as part of your application is detailed within our Resources Hub, including the NTP Quality Assurance Framework and Guidance Handbook. Once approved to deliver NTP tuition, Tuition Partners complete an annual Quality Assurance review. 

Am I eligible to apply for NTP?  

We welcome applications from any organisation that can evidence they meet the NTP Quality Assurance Framework criteria which can be found in our Resources Hub. Once we receive an application, we undertake a 'due diligence' check (eligibility verification review). At this stage if there are significant omissions the application will not be approved and the organisation will be provided with feedback to support them in reapplying. The Tribal NTP Quality Assurance team are very happy to help during this process and if required can organise a conversation with the Quality Assurance Lead to discuss the feedback.  

How do I apply for the NTP?  

Organisations wishing to become an NTP Tuition Partner are welcome to apply through our eAccreditation portal. Whilst we previously had 'application windows', we now accept applications on a rolling basis. Once you are registered on the eAccreditation portal you can upload evidence at your own convenience and contact our team for support, either through the eAccreditation portal or by email. 

Every approved Tuition Partner is, according to the NTP, experienced in working directly with schools, with demonstrable expertise to deliver tutoring that complements classroom work. Is this a requirement for application?

For an organisation to become approved it must be able to fulfil all framework criteria which includes demonstrating the effectiveness of existing partnerships and communication with schools. Without currently working in schools, it would be difficult for an organisation to meet all NTP QA framework criteria. 

How do I register with Tribal’s e-Accreditation Portal?  

Organisations who wish to apply to become approved Tuition Partner and deliver tuition through the National Tutoring Programme must first register their interest with Tribal and apply, both through the eAccreditation portal. This portal allows organisations to create an account, which contains all the information and manages the documentation and reviews for the entire Quality Assurance application process.   

In order to register their interest, an organisation must create an account on the eAccreditation portal, submitting their organisation’s details, pricing information, as well as details on their tuition offer and delivery location.   

Once all registration details have been submitted, the organisation is presented with the NTP Quality Assurance Framework and prompted to review written guidance detailing the evidence required to apply and become an approved NTP Tuition Partner.    

Can I upload documents under multiple elements of the system?   

Yes, you can upload the same document under multiple elements on the system. Please ensure your supporting statement includes information that states which category the document has been uploaded to.  

What is a Single Central Record (SCR)?  

Information on what should be included in a Single Central Record (SCR) is included in the NTP Quality Assurance Guidance Handbook which you can find in our Resources Hub, along with a SCR template. Further guidance can also be found in the DfE's Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance handbook.  

How long does the application process take?  

The full application review process will be completed within 20 working days (excluding public holidays). Organisations that are not successful in meeting the NTP Quality Assurance Framework criteria can resubmit evidence no earlier than 4 weeks following the receipt of their application feedback (the amount of time will be dependent on the extent of the work required to meet the criteria).  

Once approved, newly enrolled Tuition Partners will be listed on the DfE's Find a Tuition Partner service.

Educational Institutions

I represent an educational institution. How can we sign up to receive NTP tutoring?   

If your educational institution is not already benefitting from NTP tutoring provision, you can search the full list of quality-assured Tuition Partners here.    

Is a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) required for NTP?   

There is no requirement for any school to have a separate DPIA agreement in place with approved Tuition Partners.  

About Tribal Group

What does Tribal Group do?   

Tribal Group is a global educational company specialising in expertise, software and services. Tribal works with a wide array of educational institutions in the private and public sectors, from schools to universities. Visit our main website to find out more.    

Are there opportunities for Tuition Partners to learn more about best practice for the NTP Programme?  

Tribal’s goal is to work with the sector to improve the quality of tuition across the sector. Tribal's approach to quality assurance is one of collaboration. We work closely with the tutoring sector to build a supportive culture. Together, we are developing a community, enabling the sharing of best practice and fostering continuous growth and improvement. 

Also, Tribal offers ongoing learning and professional networking opportunities to the Tuition Partners we work with through a series of resources and events, including webinars. 

I have another question, who should I contact?   

The Tribal Quality Assurance team is on hand to help you with any questions that you may have about the NTP Quality Assurance requirements and process. Please email NTP@tribalgroup.com.   

For any enquiries not related to Quality Assurance, please contact NTP Tutoring Support in the first instance:  tutoring.support@service.education.gov.uk , 0300 373 0891. 

Become an approved Tuition Partner with the National Tutoring Programme

Learn more about how to apply to become an approved NTP Tuition Partner.