DfE Find a Tuition Partner Service

As the Quality Assurance delivery partner for the National Tutoring Programme (NTP), Tribal Group works closely with the NTP team at the Department for Education (DfE).  

The 2022/2023 approach to the NTP is to ensure that schools are in charge of designing and delivering a tutoring offer that suits the needs of their pupils and to empower them to access the services they need through tools such as the ‘Find a Tuition Partner service'. 

As well as providing the DfE with regular updates, we also work with the DfE Digital team to ensure the ‘Find a Tuition Partner service’ has the most up to date and accurate information about our Tuition Partners and their offer to schools. 

This information is shared from the eAccreditation portal and is refreshed regularly. It’s therefore important that Tuition Partners keep their information within the portal up to date.

The 'Find a Tuition Partner' service can be used by schools to:
-    Contact Tuition Partners working in their area
-    Check a Tuition Partner is quality-assured by Tribal
-    Compare prices of Tuition Partners
-    Send an enquiry to Tuition Partners

If you are an existing Tuition Partner and would like to update your details, please do so by logging into your account on the eAccreditation portal. If you are looking to apply to become an approved NTP Tuition Partner or have questions about the eAccreditation portal, you can either look through our user guide in the Resources Hub or contact the team who will be happy to help.  Email us at NTP@tribalgroup.com

If you have any questions about the 'Find a Tuition Partner Service', you can contact the DfE team.

Using the Find a Tuition Partner Service 

Schools can start the process by visiting the DfE's Find a Tuition Partner service and searching for Tuition Partners operating in their local area, using a postcode search, key stages, subjects and the type of tuition (online or in-school). 

Schools can send a bespoke enquiry to these Tuition Partners by providing more information about their tuition needs.

Tuition Partners have 7 calendar days to respond to school enquiries with a proposal, if they can meet a school's needs.

Tuition Partners will only hear back from a school if they decide to take the enquiry further.


About NTP Tuition Partner Quality Assurance

Learn more about the National Tutoring Programme and how tuition providers can become quality assured through Tribal to deliver tutoring as part of NTP.