The Observatory is a higher education think tank with institutional members across 30 countries

Leverage strategic intelligence and innovative thinking from around the world to shape ‘borderless’ higher education opportunities for your international students. Our unique remit is 'borderless' higher education worldwide – offering analysis on trends, business models and policy frameworks. Once you subscribe, you and all colleagues at your institution have access to our reports on disruptive innovations such as online learning, internationalisation in all its forms, and commercial competition and partnerships.


Product Features

  • Membership benefits

    • Full access to our extensive online reports and articles archive
    • A substantial delegate fee reduction on our Global Forums and conferences
    • Opportunities to publish research with the Observatory
    • Regular news analysis
  • In-house and international expert reports

    • The online and open-access learning revolution
    • Branch campus models
    • Other forms of transnational education
    • International agents in student recruitment
    • Student mobility
    • Private and for profit providers (PPPs)
    • Regulatory frameworks



  • How much does membership cost?

    Membership prices vary, depending on type and location of the institutions. You can find a printable overview of our rates and full membership benefits here.

  • How long are memberships?

    You can subscribe for one, two, or three years. There are 10% and 15% fee discounts, respectively, for two- and three-year commitments.

  • Who gets to use the membership?

    Once you subscribe, you and all your colleagues under your institution’s domain have access to full membership benefits for the duration of the subscription. At universities, for example, this would include administrative and teaching staff, as well as the student body.

  • Can I see some sample reports?

    Absolutely  -  sample reports and articles are available via a free trial and also in this brochure.

  • How do I join?

    You can subscribe here, or contact for more information.

  • Do you have a mailing list?

    To sign up for updates on new publications and events, please contact .

  • What topics do you research?

    Our research covers topics such as: MOOCs, the online and open-access learning revolution; use of agents in international student recruitment; private providers and public-private partnerships in HE; branch campus models and other forms of transnational education; comparative developments in immigration policy as they a­ffect international students; new regulatory frameworks; as well as student mobility and the transnational student experience.

  • How do I find out more?

    Visit for full information or contact for further details on membership, publication, and events.