Understand the person behind the student information data to make a positive difference and ensure success

Student Insight analyses each student’s interactions with education services together with demographic data, assessment results and other information to predict their academic success. This insight helps you identify potential ‘at-risk’ students; generate warnings for students who appear to be ‘off-track’; and make early interventions to proactively manage retention and improve outcomes.


Product Features

  • Increase student retention

    • Identify students at risk of dropping out, intervene earlier and proactively manage retention
  • Improve student outcomes

    • Target students at risk of low performance and execute successful intervention strategies that help to improve outcomes
  • Understand student needs

    • Support students at risk of not completing their course successfully and see what steps need to be taken for successful progression
  • Step in, before it becomes a problem

    • Understand potential issues earlier and set up meetings with students to help them, before it’s too late