Connect providers, employers and learners with our powerful self-service Hubs

Maytas Hubs streamlines operations and put the learner progress and outcomes at the heart of the experience. It empowers users through self-service, real time access to the tools and information that they need to be successful. Maytas Hubs is fully integrated with Tribal’s market leading Learning Management System (LMS), Maytas, so that you can measure each learner’s progression against funding.


Product Features

  • For your learners

    • Track their own progress
    • Connect with assessors and fellow learners
    • Access learning resources online
  • For your assessors

    • Accurately establish a learner’s progress
    • View learner’s interaction with resources
    • Highlight and tackle under achievement
    • Track ’on-the-job’ achievements
    • Manage submitted evidence
    • Manage reporting
  • For Employers and Providers

    • Increase learner engagement
    • Achieve more positive outcomes
    • Streamline your delivery and increase the output of assessors
    • Produce and publish your own content
    • Digitise your whole process



  • How much does Maytas Hubs cost?

    Maytas Hubs are priced based on the size of your organisation and requirement; as no two organisations are the same we like to understand what you want to achieve and recommend a solution to suit.

  • How quickly can Maytas Hubs be implemented?

    Our implementation teams will work with you to organise the seamless set up of Hubs; we go at the pace that you require to ensure you are confident to go live!

  • I want to keep track of apprentice’s progress, how will Maytas Hubs do that?

    The separate Learner, Assessor and Employer Hubs are fully integrated solution when combined with Maytas, providing a individualised windows on the same data. With the Learner Journey feature you can track, at a glance, how many units of a programme have been completed, predict where funding may run out and identify where your learners may fall behind.

  • How can learner engagement be improved with Maytas Hubs?

    The communities module in Hubs provides you with a single place to store, manage and track all your learning resources. Learner engagement is proven to increase by creating a learning environment based on the learner’s needs: influence a more positive outcome by giving them greater access to assessors, resources and peer learners through an easy-to-use web interface and mobile apps.

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