Supporting high quality Early Years provision

Supporting high quality Early Years provision

Supporting and recognising high quality early years provision

Children’s development in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a key focus for the Quality Mark accreditation, which takes on board best practice elements from the EYFS Framework and supports practitioners to review learning in line with these requirements. 

The following resources have been collated as part of our continued work with early years settings to support and provide external validation of high quality education and care for young children.

Case study: Improving practices, provision and performance of Early Years language, communication and mathematics
 - Christopher Pickering School

Headteacher, Jane Marson, explains how they have achieved academic and pastoral improvement using the Quality Mark accreditation framework. Access the full case study below.

Improving provision in early years settings

Case study: Striking the perfect balance of external challenge and recognition of excellent work
 - Oakdene Primary School
Headteacher, Liz Bramley, on the importance of EYFS as the foundation to everything, and instilling high expectations and ambition in all pupils despite their background. Access the full case study below.


Article: Five steps to embed a culture of continuous improvement in early years settings.

High quality early years provision has a positive impact on the daily lives of young children, and in their longer-term learning and achievements. The wealth of research substantiating this statement is well known to those who work in the early years sector. But how do we know that the quality of childcare is of high quality and continuing to improve?  Read the article. 

Article: Supporting transitions - effective partnership working between families, carers and practitioners

The transition from an early years setting to a school setting is a much-researched area of early years practice. One aspect of this transition, however, appears to be undervalued – how parent/carer partnerships can support positive transitions for children. Transitions do not always have to be a challenge; they can be fun, exciting and provide a pleasurable experience if supported appropriately.

Read the full article


Webinar: The Strategic SENCo at the Heart of School Improvement

This 45-minute webinar focuses on policy and system development, and the importance of strong communication with stakeholders. It also covers the relevance of the Quality Mark framework when considering how to support and scaffold continuous quality improvement in Early Years settings. 


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Download an extract of the Quality Mark audit tool to use in your early years setting: Setting appropriately high expectations for young children’s development. 


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