Making continuous quality improvement part of your everyday

ActionPlan+ makes it easy to co-ordinate and manage your evidence base for self-assessment and improvement planning

Record, assign and track quality improvement actions via an online system and instantly access live evidence to support reporting and inspections. ActionPlan+ provides a simple overview of your evidence and analysis, allowing you to confidently identify strengths and weaknesses. Whether you are an FE college, training provider or multi-academy trust, you can record, assign and track actions in a live quality improvement plan, empowering your staff to make swifter, more robust improvements.

Product Features

  • Streamlined self-evaluation

    • Co-ordinated using any framework
  • Instant access

    • Your evidence is cross-referenced to framework criteria
  • Clear accountability

    • Assigned actions, email alerts and tracking
  • Live dashboards

    • Highlights the progress of your Quality Improvement Plans
  • Lesson observations

    • Facility to track, monitor and manage
  • A clear link

    • A clear, continuous link between self-assessment and improvement actions
  • Live evidence

    • Always there to support your reporting or inspection




  • Do we have to download software?

    No, everything you need is easily accessible online – meaning all you need to do is log in. All updates and new releases are automatically applied to your ActionPlan+.

  • What frameworks can I use?

    Any structured assessment framework will work within ActionPlan+, including multiple frameworks.

  • What happens when Ofsted frameworks change?

    As changes to Ofsted frameworks are released, ActionPlan+ is updated, meaning you stay up to date with the guidance, grade descriptors and structure of your self-assessment.

  • Who can use it?

    Anyone you wish to create an ActionPlan+ account for. It has been designed to be extremely user-friendly, meaning very little training is required.

  • Who is ActionPlan+ for?

    ActionPlan+ can be used by single schools and small organisations, right through to multi-academy trusts, multi-layered training providers and complex FE colleges.

  • Can we complete multiple Self-Assessment Reports?

    ActionPlan+ has been designed to accommodate multi-layered organisations, meaning different sub-contractors, academies, regions, departments and areas etc can all complete their own self-assessment and action plans which can then be accessed by the top-level organisation.

  • How much does it cost?

    ActionPlan+ is available as a bronze, silver or gold package, depending on the size and structure of your organisation. Prices start from £1,950.