Tribal Edge

Tribal Edge

The easy way to personalise student experience

Tribal Edge helps you exceed expectations and helps students thrive. 

It’s designed for the cloud, so it’s easy to deploy, and delivers the flexibility to work with any current student information system.

Product Features

  • Student Support

  • Student Engage

  • Student View

    • Provide access anytime, anywhere
    • Deliver a totally unique and tailored experience
    • Offer complete personalisation
    • Ensure every day is a dynamic day
    • Find out more about Student View
  • Student Insight


  • When will Tribal Edge be available?

    The first Tribal Edge modules will be available for our first customers in late 2017, then made generally available in early 2018 – all delivered as integrated functionality within your current product.

  • Are you stopping current product roadmaps?

    No, we will continue to develop and support our current products, with new integrated applications delivered via Tribal Edge. Enhancements and updates to existing functionality on our current products will continue to be delivered; our product roadmaps provide more information.

  • Will a full-scale migration be needed?

    No, there is no need for any future mass migration. We’ll be continually evolving our current products and will provide access to value add applications within Tribal Edge immediately without any need to migrate. Over time, as more applications are adopted, we will ensure an integrated approach and enable a gradual transition to processes within Tribal Edge.

  • Will there be any cost benefits?

    Yes - the applications delivered by Tribal Edge will be on a subscription / usage model to ensure a low barrier to entry and improved cost benefit position. Customers’ investment in our existing solutions will also be maintained with a like for like transition.

  • Can we be involved in these future developments?

    Yes, we would be delighted to get your thoughts, inputs and views as we progress with our planning and development. Please get in touch with your Tribal Account Manager, or any of the Tribal team, to express your interest.