The CIO’S Guide To: Building better student relationships (in the cloud)

Posted by John Drew on March 18, 2021

We asked IT leaders from UK universities, colleges, learning and education groups and an edtech supplier, in depth questions to understand and learn from their approaches to transforming digital operations.


In this report, we learn from the UK education sector’s IT leaders who have designed technology and cloud strategies to meet recruitment
challenges head on by continuously improving the student experience. We discover what these adopters have set out to achieve, where they
are to date on their cloud journeys, and their plans for the coming months and years. We also hear first-hand, lessons learned along the way, and their advice to other Chief Information Officer (CIOs) who want to enable the building of better relationships with students, as well as alumni, businesses, internal academics and administrative teams, and other organisations that contribute to the sustainable running of their institutions.

Download the guide to discover:

  • the seven key findings across these education institutions
  • what these adopters set out to achieve
  • where they are to date on their cloud journeys
  • their plans for the coming months and years
  • the lessons they have learned along the way
  • advice to other Chief Information Officers (CIOs)

With special thanks to contributors 

Peter Ashton - CIO, Liverpool John Moores University 
Paul Dewhurst - CIO, Blackpool and The Fylde College
John Hemingway - CIO, Durham University
Jamie Marshall - CIO, LTE Group
Gareth McAleese - Head of Enterprise Applications and Data, Ulster University and Chair of ucisa Corporate Information Systems group
Tiger Wang - Head of Digital Applications and Portfolios, Kingston University
Mike Cope - CTO, Tribal (formerly CIO, University College London

The CIO's guide to: Building better student relationships in the cloud

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