Supporting the Middle East future human capital needs with Education and Skills Development

Improving education and preparing for the future of jobs in the Middle East

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Respond to the economic skills challenges of the future with advice and support from our highly qualified UK, US and Middle East specialists

Tribal’s specialist Middle East team supports the development and quality of education and preparation for the future of work through quality reviews and improvement of early years, schools, higher education, further education and work-based learning.

We also offer our data expertise in collecting and analysing labour market information to help governments, young people, parents, training providers and employers align the supply of skills with the needs of the future economy.

Service expertise

Quality Assurance, Review and Inspection

External independent inspection of educational provision in early years, schools, higher education, further education and work based learning, including Framework review and development 

Educational Improvement and Development

Recommendations and support tailored to the specific needs of the institution or organisation

Sector skills gap studies and Labour Market Analysis

Collation, aggregation and analysis of labour market information to identifying current and future skills gaps to support focused sector development and education decision making    

Training and Professional Development

Supporting upskilling and professional development of school inspectors, teachers, education leaders, programme managers and Learning & Development professionals. 
[ Inspector Skills Training - English Course ]
Inspection Skills Training - Arabic Course ]
[ Early Years Inspection Skills Training ]

Work Based Learning and TVET Development

On the job new skilling, upskilling and reskilling with a focus on evidencing skills for structured qualifications, such as apprenticeships.

Policy and Strategic Advice

Expert advice to support education and skills reform. Including national strategies for skills and work based learning.

Download a selection of bite-size papers to inform GCC policy:

  • Using school inspections to
    drive system-wide improvement.
  • A Skills Focused Approach to
    Developing Teachers and School Leaders.
  • Strengthening the governance
    of public education systems.
  • The Education Research to Policy Gap –
    Finding out what works in the GCC.


Download the policy papers

Example projects

Abu Dhabi Government and
Private School Inspections

Supporting the development of review and monitoring services for schools in Abu Dhabi since 2008.

Our work with schools in Abu Dhabi includes all aspects of inspection delivery, from workforce development,  scheduling, liaison with schools, delivery of inspections, building institutional capacity, reporting and quality assurance.

  • Thematic reviews on all aspects of the education reform process including the expansion of the new school models, mathematics teaching, culture identity, performance of Emirati students, and the impact of the British curriculum in  Abu Dhabi private schools.
  • Training of Emirati educators in inspection skills and practice, developing capacity of a national inspection workforce.

MoE Dubai Private School

Evaluation of 33 private schools licensed to deliver the MoE, Philippine and British/Indian curricula.

Our work with the MoE saw us design the end-to-end quality assurance process, and extended to include over 150 government school evaluations across two tranches.

  • Observing students’ learning experiences directly

  • Analysing school data for internal and external assessments

  • Gathering and recording detailed and secure evidence in all activities

  •  Communicating outcomes to school leaders

  • Reporting and providing comparative data on all schools

Quality Assurance Assessment to Riyadh Schools (Misk)

Helping achieve the strategic ambitions of becoming
an internationally benchmarked outstanding school
able to promote outstanding learning outcomes to the growing developing network of the Riyadh partnership schools.

Our work with the MoE saw us design the end-to-end quality assurance process, and extended to include over 150 government school evaluations across two tranches.

  • Observing students’ learning experiences directly

  • Analysing school data for internal and external assessments

  • Gathering and recording detailed and secure evidence in all activities

  •  Communicating outcomes to school leaders

  • Reporting and providing comparative data on all schools

Sharjah: SPEA School Evaluation

Supporting the establishment and ongoing development of Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) since 2019.

Our work with SPEA included every aspect of the process, from workforce development, scheduling, liaison with schools, delivery of reviews to building institutional capacity, reporting and quality assurance.

  • Initial Inspections of core group of schools

  • Conducted monitoring visits

  • Distance learning evaluations (during the Covid-19 pandemic.)

  • Leading the first full cycle of reviews from October 2022 to April 2023

Tatweer KSA: Professionalising the Teaching Profession 

Helping achieve the strategic ambitions of becomcing
become an internationally benchmarked outstanding school able to promote outstanding learning  outcomes to the growing developing network of the Riyadh partnership schools.

As part of our work with Tatweer, we designed the major components of the Teacher Professionalisation System including professional standards and systems.

  • Defining standards, evaluation, professional development, licensing and governance.

Skills Bahrain: Government Skills Agency set-up and Strategy

A comprehensive national initiative to monitor current and future labour market needs.

Working with Skills Bahrain and Tamkeen, we established the set up and pilot of all operational processes including:

  • Governance and Operational models
  • Board recommendations
  • International links and alignment
  • Job Descriptions
  • Competency Framework for staff
  • Capacity Building
  • Strategic Plan

Our people

The Middle East team is headed-up by our education and skills experts. Together, they run a team of local educationalists, former practitioners, inspectors, and researchers, ensuring all projects benefit from the latest best practice, and are delivered to the highest of standards.

If you are interested in joining our world-class team delivering education and skills development projects, please register your interest below.


Ahmed has more than 24 years of experience contributing to different nationwide Education Transformation initiatives and projects across the Middle East region to transform teaching and learning. This includes rolling out learning platforms for general and higher education, teacher professional development, and training management, contributing to the advancement of the quality of education in countries including Qatar, UAE, KSA and Egypt.

Ahmed has worked with international education leaders like D2L, as well as regional leaders like ITWorx Education, Almentor.net and YAS Holding education division, leading on all aspects of delivery in the education and training domain. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Systems & Biomedical Engineering from Cairo University and an MBA from Hult International Business School.

Annamarie Lawrence profile

Through her 20 plus years’ experience in skills development, Annamarie has worked between business, education and government to align human capital development strategies with the needs of the changing labour market. Her experience includes the research and design of skills policy to the practical implementation of skills in higher education, training providers and work-based learning.

During her time in the GCC, Annamarie has developed a deep insight into how to support emerging qualifications and quality assurance systems for skills and applied education. This includes the design of quality frameworks, qualifications and credentials, occupational profiles and skills frameworks, national apprenticeship policies and degree apprenticeships systems based on labour market intelligence and employer led skills needs assessments. 

LeeN_pic2 B&W Warm

Lee has an in-depth knowledge of education in the UAE, including school and curriculum organisation, in both the private and government sectors.

Previously, Lee has been Director of Education Strategy for E-ACT multi-academy Trust, and was responsible for curriculum and assessment across 28 schools, as well as designing the Trust’s National Framework for academy improvement and quality assurance.

Prior to E-ACT, Lee was one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI) for Ofsted for nearly nine years. Leading over 150 inspections in England and overseas, and was also a member of the Schools Policy Directorate for Ofsted in London, playing a pivotal role in designing and writing the 2015 and 2019 Ofsted inspection frameworks.

Cliff Mainey edit1 B&W warm 2

Cliff has been a school inspector since 2008, firstly with Ofsted and then with Tribal Inspection Services. He has been working as Tribal's Principal Inspector in the UAE since 2017.  Cliff has inspected in the UK, UAE, Egypt and Oman and has led well over 200 full inspections, monitoring visits, curriculum review visits, thematic review visits and subject specific inspections. Cliff most recently led the government inspection programmes in Sharjah in 2019, 2020, 2022 and 2023, and contributed to leading the school inspection programmes in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in 2017 through to 2021. He Also trains new inspectors, and advises government agencies on inspection practices. 


Masooma has 15 years’ experience inspecting public and private schools, Universities and TVET institutions, where she has acquired in-depth, practical knowledge of the education and vocational training landscape within the Kingdom of Bahrain. As a freelance consultant, Masooma provided services to the education and training sector, working with centers to develop practical and effective self-evaluation reports for the inspection process. 

Masooma joined Tribal in January 2022 and currently manages inspection, school improvement, and research projects in the UAE, Oman, Saudia Arabia and Bahrain. Masooma has worked closely with the Ministry of Education in Bahrain to design, and project manage a major programme to establish a systematic and sustainable school improvement strategy; and in 2023, she completed a project of 110 private schools’ inspections for Sharjah Private Education Authority.

Masooma is fluent in Arabic and English.

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