Respond to the economic skills challenges of the future with advice from our highly qualified UK, US and Middle East specialists

Tribal’s specialist Middle East team inspects and improves the quality of education in schools, colleges and early years institutions across the United Arab Emirates.

We also collect and analyse labour market information to help young people, parents, training providers and employers by aligning the supply of skills with the needs of the future economy.


Product Features

  • Policy and strategic advice

    • Expert advice to support education and skills reform in the region’s schools
  • Inspection and evaluation framework development

    • Combining the best features and lessons learnt from UK and US education systems
  • Independent Reviews

    • External inspection of educational provision in schools, colleges and early years settings
  • Educational Improvement Planning

    • Recommendations and support tailored to the specific needs of the institution
  • Training and professional development

    • Tools and support for upskilling and continued professional development
  • Quality Mark

    • Quality Mark accreditation recognising excellence in the provision of English and maths
  • Labour market analysis

    • Collation, aggregation and analysis of labour market information to predict future skills and employment needs
  • Inspection Skills Training

    • Providing educational leaders with the skills and competencies of a high quality lead inspector, enabling them to further their careers as leaders and/or effective inspectors of schools. [MORE]