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Join us as NCETM’s Sue Madgwick chairs the discussion on Science and Maths Continuous Professional Development for teachers in England, where we  explore the current system challenges, and what we can learn from the school-led hub delivery model.

This event will be of particular interest to those involved in teacher training, science education, and policy development, as well as those from wider industry.

In this FREE webinar, Safeguarding: A Strategic Perspective for FE, we consider safeguarding from a strategic view and how to get others in the college to become involved in the process ...

Oxford University

“Oxford chose to work with Tribal because its SITS product is the market leader, and there is a very strong user base and an active user group. We have found Tribal to be a high quality and responsive company to work with, with very good customer engagement from consultancy staff right up to board level.”

Swindon College

"We'll be able to engage with our future students as soon as they apply and communicate more effectively right from their first interaction with the college. It ticks so many boxes; it has made a huge difference to our lecturers and students alike"

Empower your timetablers

Smart adaptable scheduling for educators and students. Distinctly personalised and collaborative to the core. So you can provide the right schedule for everyone.

"We loaded the UCAS data into SITS within 23 minutes - something that previously took hours to complete"

Nick Leake,
Chief Information Officer,
King's College London