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Everyone should have access to a great quality education, and that goes beyond teaching alone

We provide the expertise, software and services required to underpin student success.

Our customers are private, public and alternative education institutions – ranging from just 50 to 200,000 students across multiple sites.

Empowering education … empowering you


Empowering people

We empower our employees to make decisions that not only benefit you, but that also benefit your customers. 

Everything we do to continuously invest in our people means you have a great experience, access to amazing products and services, and far fewer sleepless nights.  


Because our people are the most talented, creative, friendly individuals you’re likely to meet, we can ensure you are empowered to deliver the very best for your learners.

Current vacancies

  • Vacancy

    Salary: £40,000
    Deadline: 9:00am GMT on 24 October 2019

    Marketing Business Partner

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  • Vacancy

    Salary: £20,000 - £30,000
    Deadline: 5:00pm GMT on 31 October 2019

    Technical Author

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  • Vacancy

    Salary: £20,000 - £40,000
    Deadline: 9:00am GMT on 21 October 2019

    Pre-Sales Consultant

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Our latest thinking

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What’s stopping UK education leaders moving to the cloud?

As cloud spend in UK education is tipped to hit £125m by 2020/21, what are the reasons some leaders might not be quite so quick to jump on the adoption curve?

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New apprenticeship providers: what you need to know about Ofsted

One of the topics keeping new apprenticeship providers awake at night is the prospect of Ofsted inspection. The regime for inspection of new apprenticeship providers changed earlier this year, here’s a summary of what you can expect.

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