About NTP Tuition Partner Quality Assurance

Ensuring the highest standard of tutoring


The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) was launched by the UK government in 2020 as part of the Covid-19 recovery plan and to tackle the growing attainment gap as a result of the pandemic. More information about the details of the programme can be found on the  GOV.UK site.   

Tribal was appointed by the Department for Education (DfE) as a delivery partner in 2022 to quality assure  all NTP Tuition Partners. Tribal works closely with the DfE and the tutoring sector to ensure the highest standard of tutoring provision.   


Tuition providers who wish to deliver any form of tuition as part of the NTP must apply to Tribal to become an approved NTP Tuition Partner.   


Tribal developed a rigorous Quality Assurance framework and asses all new Tuition Partners against this framework prior to acceptance onto the Find a Tuition Partner service. All Tuition Partners are quality assured annually to ensure continued quality of tutoring, as well as the best experience and learning outcomes for schools and pupils.   


Tribal's approach to Quality Assurance is one of collaboration. We work closely with the tutoring sector to build a supportive culture. Together, we are developing a community, enabling the sharing of best practice and fostering continuous growth and improvement.

Quotation Mark

We’re thrilled to have had such a positive response from the Tuition Partners we’re working with, and to see new applications coming in regularly. This tells me that our collaborative approach is welcomed by the sector and in turn, ensuring that pupils across England receive high quality tuition through the National Tutoring Programme”. 

Gwen Casazza, NTP Quality Assurance Programme Director at Tribal Group

Meet the NTP Quality Assurance Team

Tribal’s dedicated NTP Quality Assurance Team are here to help with your application to become an approved NTP Tuition Partner and with ongoing Quality Assurance reviews. 

Quotation Mark

"Clarity of the Quality Assurance framework was extremely helpful in supporting us to provide robust evidence and to have some certainty that the information that we were providing was 'right'...it enabled us to use the framework as an effective self evaluation process in our business, to provide a narrative which highlighted what we do well and also to identify the areas that we can still do better with.  As a business, we see the intrinsic value and impact of collaborative Quality Assurance and this is very much appreciated in terms of how it contributes to our organisation moving forwards." 

- NTP Tuition Partner


About Tribal Group 

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