Impact and Case Studies 

National Tutoring Programme Impact  

A growing evidence base is demonstrating the impact of the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) and how it plays a vital role in supporting disadvantaged pupils catch up on lost learning from the pandemic. 

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) highlights that targeted, frequent and consistent small-group tuition sessions can help struggling pupils to make around 4 months’ additional progress over the course of an academic year. 

The Centre for Social Justice’s February 2023 report ‘Cracks in our Foundations’, highlighted the ‘strong evidence base for tutoring and the critical role for tutoring, especially for the most disadvantaged pupils.’  

Meanwhile in their evaluation of year 3 of the NTP, the National Foundation for Education Research (NFER) found that the majority of school leaders wanted to continue with the NTP and recommended that the DFE enables further funding to ‘allow tutoring to become a permanent fixture in schools.’ The report found that schools’ satisfaction with the NTP was high overall (76%), that most school leaders felt that tutoring was embedded as a fixture in the school, and that NTP funding had made this possible. 

The year 2 evaluation report, which report found a consistent pattern of evidence at both school and pupil level to suggest that participation in school-led tutoring was associated with small improvements in Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4 maths outcomes, can be found here. 

In addition to this, Ofsted’s independent review of tutoring in schools published in October 2023 found that many schools reported very positive relationships with tuition partners that deliver high-quality tuition to support pupils catch up on lost learning. 

Public First ran opinion research to understand parental opinions on tutoring, as part of wider research into the impact of the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) and the 16-19 Tuition Fund. You can read the Future of Tutoring report here.  

Other recent reports include:  
Tutoring: The New Landscape (The Sutton Trust), March 2023 
COVID Social Mobility & Opportunities Study, October 2022 

The latest information about the National Tutoring Programme for the 2023/24 Academic Year can be found on the GOV.UK website. 

A series of further implementation and impact evaluation studies are underway. This page will be updated as evaluation findings are released. 

Our Tuition Partner Case Studies



MyTutor was brought in to help tackle the disproportionately adverse impact that the pandemic had on the learning of St John Payne Catholic School pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds. 


Third Space Learning

Third Space Learning where enlisted by St Giles C.E. Primary School to address a widening maths attainment gap. The tutoring provisions were aimed at the school’s Year 4 and Year 6 cohorts.


Bright Heart Education

Bright Heart Education were brought in by Ark Byron Primary School to boost attainment. The Tuition Partner rolled out both a writing and numeracy programme at the school. 


The Catch Up Academy

Catch Up Academy was enlisted by a secondary school in Tower Hamlets as many of its pupils had fallen behind in English, maths and science.



CoachBright was invited to work with the Jewellery Quarter Academy in Birmingham where approximately 60% of pupils are disadvantaged.


The Children's Literacy Charity

Through a Reading Lab intervention, a Children's Literacy Charity tutor worked with a Year 5 child with a medical condition and SEND (referred to here as 'Child A'). Having to change school within the previous two years had impacted their progress.


Equal Education

Equal Education have supported Erdington Academy with one-to-one tuition. Erdington Academy prides itself on equipping pupils with both soft and academic skills. 


Fledge Tuition

Purpose led tutoring agency, Fledge Tuition, was enlisted by a school to provide tutoring to several of its students in Year 4 and Year 5, to build skill and confidence with their writing abilities.  


Action Tutoring

Education charity, Action Tutoring, went over and above to provide extra tutoring sessions on top of those covered by the NTP to some of the most disadvantaged students. 


Impress Education

Specialising in GCSE support, CPD and resits, Impress Education were brought in as part of a long-term partnership with  Eden Boys’ School, Birmingham. 


Action Tutoring

Walkergate Community school is a primary school based in Newcastle that has worked with Action Tutoring since September 2021. 


The Learners Collective

Since 2021, The Learners Collective has supported King Edwards Camp Hill School for Boys (KEVICHB) with online tuition and have gone on to provide the school with support through the National Tutoring Programme.

DfE National Tutoring Programme Case Studies


Like other schools, Hall Mead School in Havering saw their attainment begin to fall following the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, they’ve been using small group tutoring through the National Tutoring Programme , and it’s proven to be effective in boosting pupils’ preparedness for exams.


Nottingham Emmanuel School have found that small group tutoring is helping to overcome issues with pupil absence rates, which have risen since the Covid-19 pandemic due to a variety of reasons - including lack of confidence, mental health and social factors.