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Resources Hub 

The Resources Hub puts everything you need to guide you through the quality assurance process in one place. Here you will find what you need to get started, including the Quality Assurance framework documents, the eAccreditation portal user guide and more.

Framework documents

To get started on your NTP Tuition Partner journey, please familiarise yourself with the Framework documents.

NTP Framework Criteria for Tuition Partners
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NTP Framework for Tuition Partners
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NTP Quality Assurance Guidance Handbook
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NTP Safer Recruitment Safeguarding Policy
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To support you with your NTP Tuition Partner application, we have provided templates for two of the key documents required as part of the Quality Assurance Framework. 

Single Central Record (SCR) Template 
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Risk Management Template  
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eAccreditation Portal

There are some useful resources available to help you navigate the eAccreditation portal, including a detailed user guide and submission guide.  

NTP eAccreditation Portal User Guide for Approved Tuition Partners
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NTP Application Submission Guide
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You can view all of our Quality Assurance videos on the Webinar page. We share  Professional Development webinars as well as webinars delivered by external experts.

You will also be able to register for any future webinars.

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Case Studies 

View Tuition Partner case studies and learn how other organisations are meeting the needs of schools and pupils. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Got a question? Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is the place to start. 

Thought Leadership

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Part 1: Putting Safeguarding at the Heart of Your Organisation

We discuss the safeguarding policies & tools, processes & Procedures, and culture & values

Part 2: Managing Safeguarding Risk

We explore how TPs can proactively and effectively manage safeguarding risk.

Part 3: Raising the Quality Bar for Safeguarding in Organisations 

We consider how TPs can build the quality of their safeguarding approach though a culture of continuous improvement.

DfE Find a Tuition Partner service

The Find a Tuition Partner service displays all approved Tuition Partners and has recently launched an ‘enquiry builder’ to further help schools find the services they need.  

Become an approved Tuition Partner with the National Tutoring Programme

Learn more about how to apply to become an approved NTP Tuition Partner.